Little Light Children's Center

Project: Little Light Childrens Center is a self help center, run by the community, providing free education for Children of Namuwongo.
LLCC is an educational project that was initiated at the beginning of July 2007 in Namuwongo, one of the poorest slums of Kampala, Uganda.
The project is a collaboration in between the Community of Namuwongo and young International volunteers, who have been joining forces to establish and operational community center for the disadvantaged children of the slums and their families.
The center includes:
* A nursery school for 60 children ages 3 to 6
* A free medical clinic for the children of the center and their families.
* A scholarship program.
* A women's group.
* A youth group.
* Self generating income project.
And much more ...

Needs: We would love to receive
·      Nursery school scholastics –panicles, crayons, stickers, seizers, play-dough est.
·      Medical equipment – any consumables; rubber gloves, bandages and dressing, syringes est.
·      Toys and games for young children.
·      Books in English for teenagers.
Golf Course Apartments -Kampala is our drop point for all donations. Deliver them to the reception under Little Light Children’s Center. Thank you.

One hundred years from now,
There will be no importance of the car I drove,
How many rooms I had in my house, or how much money I had in the bank.
But the change I made in a child’s life will still be there…


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Golf Course Apartments -Kampala, Uganda

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